How we are paid



For Pension and Investment business we charge a fee based on the amount of time spent. Sometimes we are able to provide a fixed price may help. At our first contact we will provide you with "Guide to our Services" which will provide amounts and further details.


We are happy to provide advice either on a commission, flat fee, or hourly rate basis. There are pro's & con's to both methods and the answer is often dependant upon the specific area of advice and client. So how much does it cost?

If you choose to go ahead with our recommendations or appoint us to act as your financial advisers on existing contracts, we will often earn an income from the product provider. This income is usually an integral part of the product, because without the involvement of a financial adviser, there would be additional work for the product provider to undertake.

There is therefore no financial advantage in going direct to the product provider concerned. Your adviser will clearly state how much he/she is earning from the product(s) on the documentation supplied.

When advice is to be given on a fee basis, we will notify you in writing before we carry out any chargeable work, explaining how it will be calculated. If as a result of the advice, commission is generated from our recommendation(s), the commission will be used as a credit to reduce or offset the fee.

Irrelevant of whether you prefer us to act on a commission or a fee basis, any initial meeting is free of charge, and without obligation.‚Äč

Free Consultation

You can have a free initial consultation. There's no fee, no catch and no obligation on your part.

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