Travel Insurance

Fully covered travel insurance offers the following cover types:

Medical Conditions

One of the most important exclusions is for pre-existing medical conditions, so it's important to declare any before you buy insurance. For example, if you fail to tell the insurer you have asthma, and then you have an attack while abroad, it may refuse to pay out on related claims.

Similarly, if you had to cancel or cut short your holiday because the person you're travelling with, or a close relative back home, fell ill, you might not be covered. If they suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, the chances are you wouldn't be. So check to see whether your travel companions and any close relatives have a medical condition before travelling. Always check the policy's wording and definitions, and make sure you declare relevant details before you buy your insurance. Companies should tell people that they have a duty to disclose this information as well as making sure the policy is suitable. Some companies won't cover pre-existing illnesses at all; others will increase premiums or excesses.

Personal Belongings

You should also check that you have sufficient cover for your personal belongings. For example, some policies exclude such everyday items as spectacles. Policies normally also have a maximum limit for a single item. It's worth checking whether you have 'all risks' or 'personal possessions' cover on your house insurance. By using the cover available through your house insurance policy, some travel policies will reduce your premium by removing baggage cover.


As a result of recent acts of terrorism, companies are adding to or amending the exemptions on their policies. For example, most insurers won't cover you for any cancellations or curtailments, should there be a terrorist attack. So it's important to check your policy for definitions of acts of terrorism and different levels of cover. However, you might be covered for medical expenses resulting from a terrorist attack.

Similarly, not many companies will cover you if you have to cut short your holiday as a result of advice from the Foreign Office.

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